IndiaFOSS 2024: Celebrating Free and Open Source Software in India

IndiaFOSS 4.0 marks the fourth edition of the FOSS United Foundation's annual conference, uniting software developers, policy makers, and tech communities to explore the evolution and future of open source software in India.

The conference will feature an array of engaging activities including talks, panel discussions, technical sessions, workshops, and podcasts led by some of the most influential figures in the Indian open source community.

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Become a Community Partner

Are you part of a community or group that resonates with our theme? We invite you to join us as a community partner and encourage your members to participate in IndiaFOSS 4.0.

What do we expect from a Community Partner?
  • Outreach: Inform your members about the conference via email, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, or other channels.

  • Promotion: Post about the conference on your website, events page, and community platforms like or

  • Social Media: Share conference updates on your social media channels.

  • Events: Promote the conference at your meetups and community events.

  • Sponsorship Referrals: Refer potential sponsors to us.

  • Speaker Identification: Help us identify potential speakers for the conference.

Benefits of Becoming Our Community Partner

Partnering with IndiaFOSS 2024 showcases your commitment to open source software on a national stage with significant benefits:

  • Visibility: We will feature our community partners on our conference website and social media platforms.

  • Networking: Gain access to a broader network of partner communities, attendees, and supporters.

  • Program Organization: Community partners have preferential opportunities to organize sideline programs such as breakout sessions and mini workshops, in alignment with our proposal guidelines.

  • Booth Space: Avail space to set up booths and showcase your community, attracting new members and followers.

  • Conference Tickets: Receive two free conference tickets for each community partner.

  • Funding Opportunities: Increased potential for funding and grants from the Foundation for high-quality FOSS projects and events emerging from partner communities.

How to Become a Community Partner

Interested in supporting IndiaFOSS 4.0 as a community partner? Please fill out the application form.

Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out to discuss the partnership. If approved, you will be officially onboarded as our community partner and added to our relevant channels.

United by FOSS

We are excited about the possibility of partnering with exceptional communities to celebrate and promote open source software at IndiaFOSS 4.0. We eagerly await your applications.